2019 Sustainability Showcase

Calling All Georgia Tech Researchers!

The showcase aims to assemble, catalog, make accessible, and make available a complete portfolio of sustainability relevant research and education programs, projects, courses, personnel, and sponsors ongoing at Georgia Tech inclusive of all 6 Colleges, GTRI, the 11 Interdisciplinary Research Institutes, and all other Centers and Laboratories.

The showcase will further increase internal and external awareness of individual and organizational interests, capabilities, and accomplishments in sustainability relevant research and education; and foster and strengthen collaborative and pre-collaborative relationships among investigators, prospective partners, and with potential sponsors.

Finally, the showcase will increase research readiness by streamlining team building and proposal development; and provide tangible products (e.g., portfolios, videos, whitepapers, databases, contacts, lists) to investigators and instructors that can be leveraged for direct and immediate personal and professional benefit.

Program under development now. Your input is needed.

Three full-days, subdivided into six half-day sessions – attend only what matters to you:

1a. People: Health, Wealth, Wellbeing, Equity, Ethics, Socioeconomics, Behavior, Culture, Education, Metrics

1b. Organizations and Institutions: Governance, Decision Making, Planning, Regulation, Investment, Markets

2a. Natural Systems: Atmosphere, Oceans, Water, Biodiversity, Climate, Weather, Natural Resources

2b. Built Systems: Cities, Transportation, Power and Energy, Water, Data and Communications, Food and Agriculture, Buildings, Landscape

3a. Technologies: Manufacturing, Construction, Design, Engineering, Computing, Operations, Logistics

3b. Future Vision: invited (TBD)

Lightning Talks: 5 to 7 minutes; highly engaging; general audience; well-rehearsed; professionally recorded; archived and widely shared; provided to speaker at no charge and free of restrictions

Networking; Posters; Keynote Speakers

All participants to submit: NSF Biosketch and Current & Pending form; Abstracts and Products of current or recent project, paper, proposal, course, or topic.

Science communication workshops – be more impactful!