• Georgia Tech Researchers Among Co-Authors of “Georgia Climate Research Roadmap”

    Three Georgia Tech researchers are members of a transdisciplinary team of experts from across Georgia who have released the "Georgia Climate Research Roadmap." They are Brook Byers Professor Marilyn Brown (Regents Professor, School of Public Policy), Brook Byers Institute for Sustainable Systems (BBISS) Fellow Daniel Matisoff (Associate Professor, School of Public Policy), and former BBISS Fellow Kim Cobb (Georgia Power Chair and ADVANCE Professor, School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences).  Also on the team is Jean-Ann James, a Georgia Tech Alum and former BBISS Post-Doctoral Fellow, now with the Turner Foundation.

    The Roadmap is designed to help policymakers, researchers, and citizens to better understand how climate change is likely to unfold in Georgia, and what can be done to address these issues.  It consists of a list of 40 key research questions grouped across themes such as water, coastal Georgia, agriculture, health, and energy.


  • New Brook Byers Professor and Fellows Appointed

    Through a process of peer review and subsequent approval by the Provost, Professor Marc Weissburg has been appointed Georgia Tech’s newest Brook Byers Professor. The Brook Byers Professorship is the highest title bestowed at Georgia Tech for distinguished faculty that are specifically engaged in sustainability related research and education. Concurrent to Weissburg’s appointment, five others were named Brook Byers Institute for Sustainable Systems Faculty (BBISS) Fellows.


Core Research Areas

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