• Brook Byers Prof. Brown Takes Deep Dive into Energy Poverty in New Paper

    “In an era of U.S. energy abundance, the persistently high energy bills paid by low-income households is troubling.”  So begins the abstract to a new paper authored by Brook Byers Professor Marylin Brown and several co-authors.  Prof. Brown is also a Georgia Regents’ Professor, Director of the Georgia Tech Climate and Energy Policy Laboratory, and a Nobel Laureate.  The paper was recently published in the open access journal Progress in Energy, the full title of which is “Low-income Energy Affordability in an Era of U.S. Energy Abundance.”


  • Electric Racing Team from Georgia Tech Wins International Competition

    For the second year in a row, HyTech Racing has brought the first-place trophy from Formula Hybrid back to Georgia Tech. The team outperformed its previous record, running in the Acceleration and Autocross events for the first time at this competition and placing first in the Autocross event with a 44.092 second run. With their 368 lb vehicle, the lightest at the competition, HyTech was the only team to finish the 44 km Endurance course this year, beating the University of Vermont’s previous 01:25:15 record with a 01:15:56 track time and becoming the second electric team to ever complete the 44 km Endurance course in Formula Hybrid history.


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